Fly4PET: Fly Algorithm in PET Reconstruction for Radiotherapy Treatment Planning

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This project is focused on developing new software technologies for lung cancer treatment and it is based on accurate physical models implemented using high performance computing. Four research themes have been identified: i) improvement of our original reconstruction algorithm for Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging, ii) fast respiration simulation, iii) tumour segmentation and extraction, and iv) interactive multi-modal visualisation. The clinical outputs that are expected are as follows: i) improvement of quantitative results in PET, ii) assisted elaboration of treatment plans using both anatomical (CT) and biological (PET) information, iii) assisted therapeutic monitoring to assess the response of tumours to the treatment, and iv) improvement of the validation of treatment plans by radiation oncologists.


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48 months

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Seventh Framework Programme

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Marie-Curie Action: "Career Integration Grants"

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Support for training and career development of researcher (CIG)


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Life Sciences